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Introducing new jewelry artist

Amy Faust,creating stunning simple lines using silver and rich colored glass from antique bottles and jars.

Amy Faust

Featured Artist

Patty & David Hegland

PlaceholderThese Niche award winners create unique meticulously crafted works of art in glass. From pencil sketch to a 1,500 degree kiln, an artistic vision takes shape and emerges as fused strips of colored glass contoured into various deep and shallow shapes. The glass strips have been cut so thinly that when fused they have a narrow banding effect and look like tubular brocade. The color pallette is a striking range of citrus tones-from pale greens to deep oranges-offset by creamy, translucent whites and geometric bands of black.

A winning combination of design elements create their own signature look.

About Us

Gas StationWhat began as a gas station back in the 1950's has been transformed into a state of the art gallery representing over 200 artists from accross the United States.

Housing fine art, paintings, sculpture, jewelry,pottery,glass, wood and metal, Objects has become a world class gallery located in the small unique seaside resort village of Irvington, Virginia.