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PlaceholderThe serene aura of his figures can be traced in part to the creative process.Each piece is molded in clay. The textures and markings are essential to the impact of the piece and are carefully applied.The faces and hands being the most expressive are modeled in great detail while the figures are more abstracted.They are fired for over 20 hours in a kiln at 2200 degrees.

Quiet and meditative, the figures celebrate a timeless yet contemporary human dignity while presenting the viewer with metaphysical gifts.






About Us

Gas StationWhat began as a gas station back in the 1950's has been transformed into a state of the art gallery representing over 200 artists from accross the United States.

Housing fine art, paintings, sculpture, jewelry,pottery,glass, wood and metal, Objects has become a world class gallery located in the small unique seaside resort village of Irvington, Virginia.