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Featured Artist



Jennifer and Scott Martin are Michigan fine artists who create beautiful and functional pottery.All pieces are food, dishwasher and microwave safe.

They are both avid scuba divers and hikers so their designs are nature and water inspired.Often during their hikes through the woods they will photograph interesting textured fauna, mushrooms and seeds. In the studio they strive to incorporate these textures into their pottery peces. Every decorative etching is drawn by hand in leather hard clay without using stencils or stamps.

Their firing process uses natural gas reduction to bring out the beauty that their glazing process creates.


About Us

Gas Station


What began as a gas station back in the 1950's has been transformed into a state of the art gallery representing over 200 artists from across the United States.

Housing fine art, paintings, sculpture, jewelry,pottery,glass, wood and metal, Objects has become a world class gallery located in the small unique seaside resort village of Irvington, Virginia.